Since Last We Spoke, 1-14-19

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Well, I have to tell you, 2019 has started out with a bang. Last week was Hawaii, this week is Tacoma, and I still have E. Lansing, Cleveland and Ft. Bragg before January is over. Never have I been so happy to see holes open up in my calendar–February is going to be bliss since it looks like I have only one trip scheduled now for the entire month. Whew–I need to get reacquainted with the other human in my household before March hits and we get right back at it.

Like last week, my time won’t be my own this week. I’ll try and keep posts as regular as possible, but it may be tricky. I did have some downtime over the weekend to catch up on some reading, though. Here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

A little news about me 🙂

The end of likability politics

“Their strength comes from collaborative, generational efforts to move toward the good.”

This incredible interactive site mapping violence against black women


Currently one of my favorite Insta accounts

Traditional masculinity is officially labeled harmful by the APA

A Dreamer and a Rhodes scholar


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