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What Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Organizations Can Do to Address Human Trafficking

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Futures Without Violence has a webinar coming up at the end of the month, What Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Organizations Can Do to Address Human Trafficking. The session will be held on January 31st at 2pm ET. From the website:

Webinar Description:

Many victims/survivors of human trafficking have also been sexually assaulted or battered by an intimate partner. Domestic violence and sexual assault service providers provide assistance to survivors of human trafficking as well, sometimes unknowingly and without adequate training to address the unique needs of human trafficking survivors. Presenters will highlight ten things that domestic violence and sexual assault service organizations can do to better support survivors of human trafficking, and will share tools and resources to assist OVW grantees in enhancing their assistance to human trafficking survivors.

After the webinar, participants will be better able to:

-Describe the intersections of human trafficking with domestic violence and sexual assault, and the unique needs of survivors of human trafficking.

-Identify strategies to address human trafficking within domestic and sexual assault organizations, and in collaboration with others in your community.

-Utilize tools and resources available to support service providers in enhancing services through the OVW-sponsored  Building Collaborative Responses to Human Trafficking Project.

Register for the session here. (Futures archives their webinars so if you can’t attend live check their site for all past webinar offerings.)


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