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Articles of Note: November 2020 Edition

It’s time once again for Articles of Note, our regular romp through the newly published peer-reviewed literature, and this month’s is a whopper. It’s probably the heftiest one in quite some time, and there’s a good number of free articles in there, so even those of you with limited access should be able to find a good variety of reading for you and your teams. A fair warning–there’s a lot of intimate partner violence-focused work in this one. It’s not purposeful, although for my own project right now it is super helpful. There’s also a nice selection of forensic nurse-driven content, so cheers to our colleagues who are getting it done and publishing their work so we can all grow our knowledge base. If there’s something in here you’d like to read, but don’t have access, hit me up–FHO has a few ways to access journal articles in case you aren’t connected to a hospital or university library.

And while I have you here–one other thing I’d like to mention. This is normally the time of year I would do my annual gift guide. But 2020 is not the year for normalcy or gatherings, and most of us are in the midst of another resurgence of COVID, making the holidays look a lot less sparkly, to be sure. So I’ve set up something a little different (you may have already seen it on Facebook)–it’s for the entire FHO community; anyone from any part of the world can participate who is so inclined. I have created a virtual gift exchange over on Elfster. There’s no pressure here, but if you want to join the exchange, you’ll be randomly paired with someone else in our group through Elfster. BTW, we’re not talking about an actual event–it’s an individual (virtual) gift exchange. Who doesn’t love gifts? Here’s how it will work:

– Please only sign up if you can commit to mailing a small gift to your match by December 18th

– The budget ($25 US) is just a guideline, not a mandate; handmade gifts are welcomed. This exchange is about connecting with your people since most of us have missed that opportunity this year. Thoughtful gestures are thoughtful gestures, made or bought.

– All addresses are kept private (you will only learn who your match was when your gift arrives/after the exchange date).

– Please mail your gift on or before December 18th! If you have your gift sent from an online store, please try to include a message so the person knows it is coming from their match!

-This is about connection, so the only thing I ask for this gift exchange is that you keep it within the forensic nursing healthcare (docs and PAs welcome!) community–feel free to share the link with your staff/colleagues/team members/friends in the field.

-This is for our non-US folx as well (Australia, Canada, Ireland, UK, Italy, India, etc. I know you’re out there!)

-When you sign up you have the option of noting whether you are willing to mail a gift internationally.

Again, this is a low-pressure event–it’s an excuse to get and give a gift within our community. I miss people. I miss the connection we have at Conference that we didn’t get this year. 2020 has been exhausting. I could use a fun surprise. Join me if you feel the same.

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Agreed–It makes my heart happy to see people signing up 🙂 I’m looking forward to the gift exchange, since there’s been so little interaction with people face to face this year. It will be a lovely small surprise in the mail–lord knows we can all probably use it.

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