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Articles of Note: End of This @#%& Year Edition

Can you believe it’s the last Articles of Note for 2020? I meant to get this out yesterday, but the Army had my time, so we’re a day late. BUT, this one has the most free full text articles I have ever seen in a single edition, so happy holidays, y’all. No excuse for not reading now.

I don’t hate that we’re putting 2020 to bed. My family has been relatively blessed, but it’s been tough, and all I want is vaccines for us all. I miss your faces without a screen between us. I can’t wait to interact with everyone in person. I’m looking forward to sitting in a restaurant again. I want to board a plane and not worry about what I might bring home to my wife. Most of all, I just want the ease of uncomplicated human interaction again. Thanks to everyone who has been posting their vaccination photos on the interwebs–it’s been a joy to see. It fills me with tremendous hope that we’re rounding the corner, just as we’ve hit the horrible milestone of 300K deaths here in the US. I hope I’ll get mine with clinic staff early in the new year.

Stay safe, stay healthy, enjoy the holidays, whatever that celebration looks like for you. Hope you’ll get a little time off to make merry with the people you love most, even if it’s just virtually this year.

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