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Articles of Note: March 2021 Edition

Apologies for getting this month’s edition of Articles of Note out late, but I was a bit preoccupied with the launch of the testimony monograph–many thanks to everyone who has already purchased it. To say I am overwhelmed by the response would be an understatement. I really appreciate the enthusiasm for this particular piece, and look forward to getting feedback and hearing how folx are using it.

I’m extra excited for this month’s Articles of Note–it has some research in it that has the potential to really change the way we understand what we see in our practices (if you see adult sexual assault patients). I don’t drop that nugget lightly–I point you to the Sommers and Fargo article. Mind you–their findings haven’t been replicated so don’t lose your minds, my friends. But still–it’s the kind of research we’ve been waiting for in some circles. It’s moving the needle. Don’t sleep on the rest of this list, either–I know I say that every month, but that’s seriously why I continue to publish Articles of Note as a monthly offering and not quarterly or even less frequently. Our profession is a young one and the science is always changing. It’s important to keep up. I had a reader complain to me last month it was too much to read. I get it, but it doesn’t have to all fall on you. Rotate that job amongst your team so someone different is responsible for doing it every month–that person can go through the list and see what’s relevant by reading through the abstracts and ordering the articles they want from the hospital or university library (or reaching out to me if they can’t get them elsewhere).

Toying with doing a virtual journal club to discuss the Sommers and Fargo article, btw. Probably via Zoom. Probably one evening. Probably with cocktails. I’d love to know if people would be interested.

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