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Articles of Note: February 2021 Edition

It’s time once again for Articles of Note, our monthly romp through the peer-reviewed literature. Nice to see friends and frequent collaborators with pubs this month, so that makes me smile. Plenty to read for those of us working with patients presenting after intimate partner violence. And an interesting ethics read [for everyone really] at the intersection of child maltreatment, genetics, practice standards and expert testimony. So all in all, a good round-up for this wet and dreary morning in the US capital region.

Links take you to PubMed abstracts unless noted otherwise. Let me know if you’re having trouble getting your hands on an article or two and I’ll tap some sources and see if we can’t help you run them down.

I’m back on a plane at the end of the week, and the Spring travel season picks up in earnest next month, so more and more of these dispatches will resume from the road. Here’s hoping this means life is starting to regain some sense of normalcy. Stay safe and healthy and enjoy the reading…

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[Photo by Brandi Redd on Unsplash]