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Articles of Note: September 2021 Edition

Hope this month’s post finds everyone healthy and managing their respective calendars. I have been getting a lot of requests for more testimony offerings, so I am toying with doing a live web series. But not a webinar–more a conversation with a friend/colleague in the field on different aspects of courtroom testimony. Maybe one every few months for an hour in the evening. With cocktails. So a casual get-together, but virtual. Teaching, but people bring their drink of choice (and a nosh, of course). And we keep things relaxed, participants get to ask questions, and if we can make this work, you leave with a CE. $10 a log-in to cover costs. Should we do this (let me know in the comments or via email)? I’m open to tweaks on the format. If there’s enough interest I will work on it. We’re not all getting together in one room for a while, so this may be as close as we get to congregating at a hotel bar after conference sessions for a bit…

While you ponder that, it’s time once again for Articles of Note, our monthly romp through the peer-reviewed literature. Two things I’d like to point out: 1.) There are several strangulation articles specifically looking at vascular injury (in both adult and peds patients). You should read them if you are working in this area (and especially if you are testifying or advising on policy). 2.) There are several studies that focus on men as victims of both sexual and intimate partner violence this month. Interesting reads.

As always, links take you to PubMed abstracts except where indicated. If you’re having trouble finding articles hit me up and I may be able to assist.

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You guys are so funny–it’s about 3 hours after posting and I have had dozens of emails saying essentially, yes please to the web series. One person asking for it to be free (sorry, no, I can’t just eat the cost of hosting), and several people lamenting the lack of in person gatherings. I am once again encouraging folx to also use the comments section here, but I have a perennially shy readership, so I will post updates if need be. Thanks for the feedback, y’all.

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