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Articles of Note: October 2021 Edition

Greetings from Eagle, CO, where I am working for a few days (that photo is the view when I wake up). I’m in Monterey, CA, Garmisch, Germany, Ft. Lee, VA, and Salt Lake City, UT, before we chat again, so I guess work travel is back for real for real. I’ll take it, rude travelers, COVID tests, and constant masking notwithstanding. It’s nice to not just be at my dining room table writing (although I am doing that too).

For all of you who sent approving emails liking the idea of a cocktail-laced testimony webinar series, thanks for the feedback. I think we will kick it off in the new year when several of these writing projects will be done(ish), and I can devote time to launching the series properly. If anyone has a suggestion for a clever name for the series, though, I’d love to hear it. I am not good at coming up with these sorts of things.

And now, of course, for the reason you’re really here–this month’s Articles of Note, our regular romp through the peer-reviewed literature. Included are some articles looking at grip impact and strangulation; the impact of sexual assault on the brain; peer-review for child abuse documentation; and the use of toluidine blue dye after consensual and nonconsensual sex, to tease you with just a few topics. But really there’s so much that’s good this month (as always). Most links lead to PubMed abstracts, except where otherwise indicated. Happy reading!

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