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Articles of Note: November 2021 Edition

First of all, how is it even possible it’s November already? Secondly, have you signed up for our Virtual Gift Exchange yet? Because we have an unbelievable group participating this year–diverse, with a ton of new (to me) faces joining in the festivities. You still have time to sign up if you’d like to be part of the merriment. Rules of engagement are on the website, and last year’s was so much fun. Last day to register is 11/21, so don’t wait too long…

And now, time once again for Articles of Note, our monthly review of what’s new and notable in the peer-reviewed literature. Please remember this isn’t meant to be comprehensive–I’m just one woman with a laptop and very specific interests, so that’s what you see reflected here. I would like to point out there are a couple of new articles specifically focused on sexual assault and HIV nPEP, for those of you working in that realm. And a very fascinating article for the child abuse folx on examining cases of abusive head trauma that have been overturned by the courts. Most links lead to PubMed abstracts except where otherwise indicated. Please let me know if you’re having trouble finding an article–I may be able to assist.

For my US readers, I hope you’ll be getting some face time with loved ones for the Thanksgiving holiday. And for all my readers, happy reading, don’t forget to sign up for the gift exchange, and we’ll talk again next month. Stay safe and be well.

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