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Articles of Note: August 2022 Edition

Good morning from the DMV, where I am about to be ping-ponging around the globe. I am happily typing this from my dining room table (office) before I trot off to the Army JAG School in Charlottesville for a quick trip. I will then make my way to Chicago, and from there go straight to Italy before we chat again. The Fall travel push is in full effect. I have a fresh supply of Clorox wipes and N95 masks for the planes/trains/cabs, plus a relatively new Away carry-on that will fit a full two weeks’ worth of work clothes (for my travel peeps, I cannot recommend that bag enough). Your girl is prepared.

But we’re here because it’s time once again for Articles of Note, our monthly romp through the newly published, peer-reviewed literature. This month, a few things to point out: several articles on men as victims of intimate partner and sexual violence, and a couple on students: preparing healthcare students to address intimate partner violence in their practices (Sawyer, et al.) and looking at nursing students knowledge about and readiness to address IPV (Shaqiqi, et al). Also, a nice showing of pubs by friends, which you have to like because we love to see friends doing great things. Links lead to PubMed abstracts, except where indicated. Let me know if you have trouble running something down and I’ll see what I can do.

Happy reading. Don’t forget to register for the IAFN conference if you haven’t already. Can’t wait to see you there!

I’m in the beginning stages of the next piece for the FHO store. In the meantime, you can find all of the research compilations and the testimony monograph in the shop.

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