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Articles of Note: July 2022 Edition

Good morning from a swampy Washington, DC. I’m a bit late getting this month’s Articles of Note posted, but I have been on the road pretty much nonstop since I last posted, so I cut myself some slack on Friday when I got back to town. I head to Colorado for a week in Eagle County on Saturday, but this week is fairly light, which means I will have some reading time on my hands. I will also finally get a chance to really dig into the next offering for the FHO shop.

But for now, here’s what we’re looking at for July’s Articles of Note: quite a bit of free full text for those of you who don’t have library access. And in particular, quite a bit of human trafficking-focused work published in this round-up. You’ll notice that most of those are freely available, but if there are others you cannot access, reach out and I’ll see what I can do to assist.

Happy reading, and stay safe–that new variant is a beast, and I feel like trying to avoid it is like being a kid playing the floor is lava (for those of you who remember that one). This sh*t is everywhere.

I’m in the beginning stages of the next piece for the FHO store. In the meantime, you can find all of the research compilations and the testimony monograph in the shop.

[Photo by Olia 💙💛 Gozha on Unsplash]