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Articles of Note: May 2023 Edition

Welcome, friends, to our monthly round-up, Articles of Note, where we attempt to corral what’s new and noteworthy in a single location. This one is, I admit, a bit rushed, as I am hardly in one spot long enough to compile this list. We are bouncing between time zones in a significant way this month (just back from Ireland; popping down to Maxwell AFB next week; San Diego the following). In between flights–somehow–we are graduating this kid of mine from college (what?!). And that just gets us to the Memorial Day weekend. Time has no meaning in this household. But it is good and meaningful travel. I will miss seeing many of you at CCAW–lucky people, that’s always a good conference, so enjoy your time and the big brains down there.

Take note of a few things among the articles–the new JFN editorial by Burton and Draughon Moret that I have downloaded and waiting for my flight Monday; PettyJohn and colleague’s article on institutional betrayal (for all of you who have been doing campus work); and several articles looking at the pandemic’s impact on violence and victimization among different populations. As always, links take you to PubMed abstracts, unless otherwise specified.

Happy reading–see you back here next month.

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[Photo by Ross Parmly on Unsplash]