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Articles of Note: June 2023 Edition

Greetings from Korea, where I am working for a few weeks. I hope you’ve had the opportunity to check out the new IPV National Protocol by now; if you haven’t seen the interactive version, please also spend some time with that one. My understanding is that the kinks are still being worked out of the tablet version so that it is easier to view (last I checked, there was a lot of white space, making it hard to see everything), but the mobile and desktop versions both look great.

It’s time once again for Articles of Note, our monthly romp through the newly published and peer-reviewed literature. Some interesting articles on gender-affirming care in the mix (Mackler, et al.; Alcock, et al.); I can’t wait to read the article by Carthy and colleagues on male IPV victims. And the Brady, et al. article on racial disparities in strangulation is topping my reading list (once I track the article down–that’s one I seem to be having trouble getting if someone has it and wants to send it to me). As always, links go to PubMed unless otherwise indicated.

Registration for the IAFN conference in Phoenix recently opened–I hope to see people there. Some exciting stuff will be happening, and for once, I won’t be completely overloaded with my own sessions. I’m thinking about putting together an informal mentoring breakfast while we’re out there, pairing veterans of the work with newer nurses. If this sounds like something you might want to be a part of, let me know. If I have enough interest, I will definitely make it happen. There’s never enough time for networking and connecting with others doing the work, so this may be a fun and relaxed way to have time with folks in the field. Plus, breakfast.

Happy reading, see you back here next month.

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Mentors and Veterans Breakfast sounds amazing. I know 3 nurses from CT would be there!

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