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Articles of Note: September 2023 Edition

It’s time for Articles of Note, our monthly romp through the newly published and peer-reviewed. Our offering is a bit briefer, but still worth your time. While there wasn’t a ton that caught my eye in the sexual assault realm this go-round, I point you toward a few articles that contribute to our understanding of imaging after strangulation and hanging–see Swendiman, et al., Hopkins, et al., and Heimer, et al. Several articles in here related to IPV and head trauma, as well.

I’m well into the fall travel, and look forward to seeing so many of you in a few weeks out in Phoenix. Work on my most recent writing project prohibited me from being able to pull together an actual gathering, but I appreciate everyone who got back to me expressing an interest. If we can make something informal happen, I am game. And please come find me and say hello while you’re there. All of my talks are on Thursday (except the testimony post-con). But I’ll be around the whole week.

Happy reading. See you back here next month.

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[Photo by Viviana Rishe on Unsplash]