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Articles of Note: August 2023 Edition

Greetings from my home in the DMV, where I am (not so) surprised to find myself after a last-minute continuance that gives me two gloriously unscheduled weeks working from my dining room table. No trial means plenty of writing time before a quick vacation that is the line of demarcation between summer travel season and fall travel season. Which right now looks–intense. So be it.

But it’s time once again for Articles of Note, our regular romp through the peer-reviewed and mostly newly published literature. [I tossed in a few things I missed earlier in the year, since the list is light.] A couple things particularly worth your attention: Khatlani, et al. examining the relationship between IPV and stillbirths; and Liden, et al., on reducing bias in forensic medical expert opinions (related: one of the co-authors of that article is giving a webinar for AAFS on cognitive bias in forensic decisions that will be free for members, $35 for everyone else). As always, links lead to PubMed except where otherwise indicated.

Happy reading. See you back here next month.

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