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Since Last We Spoke 3/10/14

I’m in court this week AND trying to finish off a brand new curriculum (a project I can’t wait to talk more about–just not yet), so it was a busy weekend prepping and writing. There were a few things, though, that caught my eye in moments of downtime. So here’s what I’ve been reading since last we spoke:

ESPN’s article about McQueary a terrible message to survivors (Philadelphia Inquirer)

The Enduring Role Of The Emergency Medical Treatment And Active Labor Act (HealthAffairs) {Ed: Interview with the author here}

Does Amnesty International want legal prostitution? (CNN)

Parents, forget the online bogeyman: The Internet isn’t nearly as damaging to teenagers as Mom and Dad think. (Boston Globe)

Physician, Review Thyself (NY Times)

To End the Abuse, She Grabbed a Knife (NY Times)

The Disapproval Matrix (Ann Friedman)

Patient Satisfaction Is Overrated (Medscape)

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I am just beginning to train to be a SANE. This is the best website I have ever used. it is clear and easy to use.

Thank you.

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