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Since Last We Spoke 6-2-14

Yesterday was my birthday, which means that basically the whole weekend was my birthday (and also the wedding reception for our good friends AND the arrival of the girl child for the summer). Lots of celebrating around here; much less reading. But when I finally did manage to crawl into bed last night, it took awhile to sleep, and just like that, I was caught up in some of the world’s goings-on. So here’s what’s caught my eye since last we spoke:

Pediatricians vs the NRA

“Nobody is here because they dreamed of doing this” (and the this is not what you might think)

Another long read: am I the last person to finally get around to this brilliantly written piece?

There’s no crying in baseball the workplace (or is there?)

The call for men’s action is not a new one, but it bears repeating (often)…

…Because stories like this one are still all too common.

Fascinating, but does it work?

Hookup culture isn’t just for college kids

Science says nurses are satisfied, even with all the change

Guns and suicide




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What do we as nurses tell our patients about gun safety. When I did primary care, it was always a topic of anticipatory guidance. We as forensic nurses have the responsibility to educate parents. I am not saying we should Ban Guns but address safety – locking guns in gun safes with the ammunition locked elsewhere and keys in a safe place where children & adolescents cannot take them. Encourage our lawmakers to ban hi capacity ammunition guns, semiautomatics, ammo that pierces law enforcements’ vests and other weapons developed for war. This rant always makes me unpopular with some people but I believe these types of weapons and ammo are public health problems.

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