DV/IPV Sexual Assault

Since Last We Spoke 6-23-14

I’m having a tough time ramping up for my work week this morning. Could be the impending vacation (no worries, there will be [some] posts while I’m away). Could be that I was so completely productive last week I just feel like coasting a bit. Either way, the internet can be a distraction when I’m in this mindset, so I have been happily perusing all of the links I’d tucked away from the weekend. Here’s what’s caught my eye since last we spoke:

Glad the backlash has been so significant…

Protesting a lousy response

Perhaps this will help…

(maybe not if this the prevailing mindset)

Hard to believe it’s been a year (and also that I’m linking to a Cosmo article)

Not good news for military victims

I’ll consult the chart and get back to you on that

Two parent households can be lethal

#YesAllWomen (still)

Failures in life can actually become your life’s work

Well, it’s something