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12th Anniversary Articles of Note (Plus a Giveaway)

It’s time once again for Articles of Note, our monthly romp through the peer-reviewed literature. There is plenty to occupy your time here, so settle in folx. Plus, it’s FHO’s 12th anniversary–happy anniversary to us! In honor of this momentous occasion, we’re giving away a registration to this year’s IAFN conference in Orlando. To be eligible, all you have to do is tell me in the comments what you are most looking forward to about attending an in-person conference this year (after being benched in 2020-whew, I can think of about 10 right off the top of my head). The registration is good for you or you can gift it–it just has to be decided prior to the time of early registration. You have until January 29th at noon ET to enter. I’ll choose one person at random and announce it on the FHO Facebook page and in the January newsletter at the end of the month.

Links take you to PubMed abstracts except when indicated by Free Full Text. If you’re having trouble running down an article, hit me up–we can get some of these through various library resources as needed if you aren’t connected to your own hospital or university.

Happy to report I just joined the vaccine club, so I’m feeling more optimistic about where things are headed. Now if we can get through the inaugeration here without burning the whole joint to the ground…Stay safe, my friends. Better days are ahead [fingers crossed].

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36 replies on “12th Anniversary Articles of Note (Plus a Giveaway)”

Networking, socializing, traveling and debriefing about the workshops.

The energy in the room.

That’s more than one thing but the experience isn’t the same on ZOOM.

The energy in the room! Seriously that cannot be underestimated Bethany…I miss that so much teaching online.

The personal input and comaraderie that in-person meetings has. Online has been useful but being there and making connections for life- priceless!! Oh, and I like to TOUCH the books.

– Seeing all “my people” in person
– Leaving inspired & reinvigorated to do the work
– Yep, I’m gonna say it… Going to Disney World! (masked, of course!)

I miss people!!! I am looking forward to seeing everyone, talking face to face, being in the same room, and making connections. I look forward to being with people that think like me and are looking to improve the care they give their victims/patients. I miss the energy as well, it is motivating and inspiring, You just can’t get that on a ZOOM! I miss hearing real laughter that isn’t transmitted through a computer! Travel…I miss getting away and seeing new places and experiences! Ok, DISNEY, who doesn’t love DISNEY!! Anyways, thanks for this amazing opportunity!

I love the discussions during the sessions. It’s something you don’t get on Zoom.

I love meeting forensic nurses from all over. It’s great to talk to so many people who do the same weird job that I do.

And after a year of staying in Arizona, I’m pretty excited to be going somewhere that just an hour from the beach!

I really miss networking with our colleagues and the in-person discussions during the lectures!

This year I also really missed the energy of the group. It’s amazing what being with like-minded people can do to refresh your passion and excitement for the work. I can’t wait for Florida!🌴☀️

Looking forward to attending my very first IAFN conference and to meeting the awesome educators and SANE nurses I been learning from online!

—Meeting and reconnecting with other forensic nurses! My only other conference was in 2018 in Reno and I met nurses from Ireland, UK, and Japan.

—Interacting with the presenters and bouncing thoughts off each other during the presentations.

Let’s all get vaccinated and see y’all in 2021!

Seeing people that are pioneers in the field and learning from them! Being able to go to coffee/lunch/dinner with people I admire. Love the excellent conferences. Oh yes, and a vacation!

I’m embarrassed to admit that one of my secret pleasures at a conference is soaking in a hotel bath!

I love this. I am also a hotel bathtub person because I live in a tiny old rowhouse and the deprivation is real…

I love meeting and networking with all of these great people that have the same passion for this work that I do! Love the vendors, we bought a Lutech Colposcope after talking to their vendor and seeing their product at a conference. Great company and great purchase! Looking forward to Orlando!!

Really missed seeing everyone. It was difficult for me to get online to attend because life kept happening to distract me. At a live conference, I can separate myself from things like laundry, cooking, shopping, phone calls etc. Seeing people i admire and networking and even playing (Reno’s Bowling tournament). Let’s get back together. Never stop learning, never stop living.

I know what you mean–it was *very* hard to not let life distract me from the virtual conference sessions…

Congratulations dear friend! Birthing the idea in our office all those years ago… to the indispensable resource so many of us depend on! So thankful for your vision, creativity, and yes tech nerdiness

Ha! If those walls could talk…thanks for being such an excellent sounding board for all these years 🙂 Not to mention A#1 righthand woman.

We have had a tough year at Fort Hood! I so miss the escape of stress and learning new things as this area of Forensic Nursing is always growing and changing So it gives me a chance to keep up with the science! Plus I really miss all of my mentors!

I am looking forward to the 2021 conference to get away from Minnesota, put my toes in the sand. Rejuvenate my passion for caring for this patient population. Network with colleagues. Learn. Celebrate this special group of Nurses.

I miss in person learning, the support from strangers who are doing similar work, the collective support of a big group of professionals. I always feel so powerful in the big hall, listening to a great keynote speaker. I know this is a no judgement place, so can I just say I want to be drinking a real cocktail, made by a real bartender with a bunch of noisy forensic nurses. Oh and I’d really like to meet my Elfster and thank her in person for my amazing vagina ornament.

I get so much more out of in-person training and being able to ask questions in real time and learn from others questions that I didn’t think of myself. Socializing and networking, seeing old friends that live across the state or meeting up with new ones that I’ve only known online. Seeing my professors in real life! Basically:
People, people, people, oh and did I mention people?

Struggling to finish an online course development when I am really and truly am face to face educator has made me consider what the price of moving to online vs FtoF is costing us not only in IAFN but in our post secondary educational facilities. I so miss the looks on faces when they have their “ah ha”moments about forensic nursing topics, not the same on Zoom that is for sure.

I miss seeing all of my forensic friends and and making new friends. It really boils to socialization with others in person. Besides the perks of the conference, I look forward to a good meal with fun and laughter with great people.

My work is in the bottom of a silo, I miss my people the MOST! This is the only conference where I am surrounded by people who get it! I don’t have to explain anything. I look forward to that every year and I need that connection. I come home with my cup overflowing and heart full of hope.

People. Not just any people, my people! People that think and talk like me and don’t think that I am wierd or crazy!!!

I agree with all these comments! It would be so nice to travel again if we can to network and socialize in person. I love meeting people in the same profession and sharing ideas and experiences. Meeting and learning from the many experts at this conference is a highlight.

Well Jen, feeding my brain with the most recent information in all things forensic has always been a passion of mine! But to be completely honest, the professional networking and fellowship with my peeps is priceless, what can I say, I love learning from our colleagues knowledge and experiences and then, there is the Cuban food!

Thank you for offering this opportunity, I attended online in 2020 and made a few rookie mistakes as a new online conference attendee. I did not request time off from work, therefore I missed several of the life presentations I wanted to attend. I did like the on-demand presentations, I even watched on twice since I found it very informing.
I truly look forward to in-person communication and building those in-person contacts that are invaluable. I still have a list of all the nurses I spoke with at the last Wyoming Sexual Assault Conference held several years ago. I enjoy the evening socializing and discussions with people in the same field.

I miss being with people who share the same passion, challenges and unique specialty as I do. I like getting away, having fun with friends and making new ones. The memories, support and new knowledge sustain me. I miss it so very much

I would love to be surrounded by my fellow forensic nurses again! In-person learning and collaboration is so beneficial, but also so fun! I was able to attend the 2016 conference in Denver and met Virginia Lynch after one of my classes!! Can that happen again?! Hope to see y’all soon!

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