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Articles of Note: July 2023 Edition

Greetings from somewhere above the continental US, where I am making my way home for a brief period of time before I head to California, then Germany, then California again. There’s a lot of work this summer (thank you to the employment gods), and I have gotten the chance to see some of you on the road. The real prize comes at the end of September, though, when we get to convene in PHX for conference.

But here we are again, already time for July’s Articles of Note. Unless you’re brand new here, you are aware it’s our monthly romp through the monthly peer-reviewed literature. A shorter list, because let’s face it, a bunch of you are on vacation, and the rest of you are picking up shifts for everyone else who is on vacation. Links lead to PubMed abstracts except for the few that are free full text. A couple this month on pediatric nonaccidental burns that look particularly interesting. I’d also like to point out the social media and the law article I stuck in here. It’s written for neurologists, but most of it is generalizable to a larger healthcare audience.

Happy reading, see you back here next month.

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