How the Affordable Care Act Can Help Patients Experiencing DV/IPV

I didn’t post this in real time, because I got it on the day it was actually happening; happily Futures Without Violence archived the event, and now we can all check it out (US readers, at least). On October 30th they held a webinar with new updates about how the Affordable Care Act can help patients  experiencing domestic and interpersonal violence. Click through for details:


Crucial Skills for Confronting the Workplace Bully

Sadly, I hear about workplace bullying with some frequency when it comes to discussions about sustainability. Nurses are all too familiar with bullying behavior, but what to do about it is something we don’t often discuss. So I was pleased to see this announcement for a free webcast by the author of Crucial Accountability on skills for confronting the workplace bully. The session will be held June 25th at 1pm ET. Click through for details: