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Since Last We Spoke 4-14-14

This is my last full week in the office before vacation, save some work with the Army JAGs here in town, so I am glued to my to-do list. That being said I did manage to get some reading done this weekend (although the pull of 70+ degree weather and sunshine was irresistible), but much of it had to do with the terrible tragedy in Kansas yesterday. I know it will be part of our conversation around the Seder table tonight as we celebrate Passover, keeping the victims and their families and community in our prayers. A happy Pesach to all of you who observe. Click tghrough to check out what I’ve been reading¬†since last we spoke:

Can telehealth and integrative medicine coexist? (Medical Futures Lab)

Dempsey: DOD must make fixes on sexual assaults, quickly (Stars and Stripes)

This Appears To Be A Normal Wedding Photo. You’d be Shocked At What It Really Is (San Francisco Globe)

New study examines the evidence on youth violence in social media (Michigan Youth Violence Prevention Center)

Lab-grown vaginas and nostrils work, doctors report (USA Today)

Access to Care and Ongoing Battles Over Scope of Practice (news@JAMA)

Hillary Clinton on How to Handle Criticism (3 Chairs)

Stop telling survivors they must report to the police (Feministing)

13 Ways To Be A Great Public Speaker (Stanford Business Tumblr)

Effort Is Not the Enemy of Compassion (The Atlantic)

The Choice (Washington Post)

Global Study on Homicide 2013 (UNODC)

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Funny thing about the San Fransisco article– it had an ad attached for Christian Carter’s website, Kind of creeped me out.


Interesting–that’s not what ads show up on my page (I have REI and a few other retailers). Bummer about the creepy ad.


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