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Since Last We Spoke 7-28-14

Today is my sweet kid’s 13th birthday, so I am officially the parent of a teenager. I have no idea how that happened. A minute ago she was a newborn and now she’s this funny, interesting, incredibly smart kid who makes me proud every day. Naturally we spent the weekend celebrating (ziplining and dim sum, anyone?) and gorging on homemade Hostess-type treats (my spouse whipped up Twinkies, Ho-Hos and Cupcakes complete with squiggly frosting). Pretty much the only thing I could do after the weekend calorie bombardment was to loll around last night and surf my social media sites. Which is what I did. Here’s what caught my eye since last we spoke:

Doesn’t matter the profession: never stop learning

Guilty (and I am one)

Does your ED take appointments?

Kim Day, remember me getting into it with a warden over this very topic?

I love this idea

“Patients not only have a right to information but also have the right to refuse medical care…” (hint: this is true for our patients, too)

Emphasis on the slow

case in point (warning: language)

I’ll be adding this to our conversation about social media

Rethinking the placebo effect

Fascinating graphics on rape in conflict

FGM and child marriage

I hope this is true

This whole thing has been appalling

Coming to DC? The new silver line is running!


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