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Since Last We Spoke 9-29-14

Let me start by saying that I absolutely loved all the personal notes people sent me about last week’s post. Apparently it resonated with many of you, and I really enjoyed hearing the different perspectives on the topic. Also–we’ve just put the finishing touches on a big new project I should be able to announce in the next 10 days or so (fingers crossed), so stay tuned. It’s something we’ll definitely be talking about in Phoenix next month. Speaking of which: anyone else scrambling to get their presentations finished? We’re finalizing a couple brand new sessions for this year’s conference, so that’s part of my week right there. But before we get too far into my to-do list, let’s chat about what’s caught my attention since last we spoke:

A trauma-informed NFL?

Also this: ESPN has a problem with women.

Sadly, this letter probably won’t be reported on by Fox

Your fears are boring

Get the most out of conferences

Keeping students safe in The Red Zone

10 years. Better.

>1 million US schoolkids are homeless

Would have harshed my Sunday mellow. (had I read the original article).

Moreover, NYT, you have issues.

Yes means yes is now the law

Sad, but true. Time and time again.

Your morning dose of absurdity (warning: apropos of nothing)