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Since Last We Spoke 10-6-14

Good weekend, yes? Aside from some minor tech failure (hello, brand new router), it was pretty lovely on this end. So I’m slogging away this week, trying to just remember, bird by bird. Occasionally procrastinating with the interwebs, but working my way through the long to-do list. Want to see what I’ve been reading since last we spoke?

Would you know how to spot a trafficking victim?

Learning to love criticism

This case is garnering quite a bit of press here in VA…

Poverty isn’t just about money

Johns Hopkins, just the latest on the list

Abortion access and its connection to broader health outcomes

Why aren’t we talking more about this use for Truvada?

The comparison problem (so good)

10 phrases that need to go away (also: guilty)

A smuggled girl’s odyssey

If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original

Don’t love the headline, but the read is an interesting one

Children and youth exposed to domestic violence (via)

Check it: tax time just got easier for me (and a whole lot of other folks in 11 states!)

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