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Since Last We Spoke 11-3-14

Man, it is so nice to be home. Two weeks in strange beds (even when they’re nice beds) is too much. And now I have two glorious weeks at home, with my spouse (and the kiddo, who will be here in 10 days). Whatever will I do with myself? Oh, that’s right–all of the things. That’s how it feels when I look at my schedule. There are last minute touches to add to a new curriculum, multiple courses to teach, and one more court martial before things (allegedly) quiet down. So I will definitely take these two weeks–busy or not, at least it’s busy at home.

I have finally acclimated to my current time zone, but this weekend I saw many middle of the night hours–what I learned the Scots call the wee sma’s*–so in order to bide my time until I could sleep again, I caught up on the interwebs in all their glory. Here’s what I’ve been checking out since last we spoke:

This is more than my brain can manage on a Monday morning

[sigh] So much ground left to cover

Some of the most powerful conversation happening on Twitter right now (see it all here)

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More on our unwillingness to believe this of powerful men

Technique matters…

So does backing down from the fear mongering

It can kill people!

The power of bitch face

Jamilah lays out what we need to know about street harassment (I love reading her work)

Okay maybe not all of them, but a lot of them.

Yeah, it’s not a sex survey

This your brain on drugs

*I spent a couple summers in the UK studying. I was talking with a classmate from Scotland about waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to shut my brain off again, and she told me about the wee sma’s–those hours in the middle of the night when everything looks much worse than it does in the morning, and rational thought pretty well escapes you. I’ve never forgotten that expression, because it’s pretty damn accurate.