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Since Last We Spoke 11-3-14

Man, it is so nice to be home. Two weeks in strange beds (even when they’re nice beds) is too much. And now I have two glorious weeks at home, with my spouse (and the kiddo, who will be here in 10 days). Whatever will I do with myself? Oh, that’s right–all of the things. That’s how it feels when I look at my schedule.¬†There are last minute touches to add to a new curriculum, multiple courses to teach, and one more court martial before things (allegedly) quiet down. So I will definitely take these two weeks–busy or not, at least it’s busy at home.

I have finally acclimated to my current time zone, but this weekend I saw many middle of the night hours–what I learned the Scots call the wee sma’s*–so in order to bide my time until I could sleep again, I caught up on the interwebs in all their glory. Here’s what I’ve been checking out since last we spoke: