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Since Last We Spoke 7-7-14

Here we go: vacation is behind us and a modified (but still busy) travel season resumes for our household. Happily it’s not me on the road this week, but after taking a week off, I can hardly corral my to-do list. Always a trade-off, that whole taking time off thing. Hopefully US readers enjoyed a happy and relaxing 4th–we certainly did (and it was a far more social one than I am used to). But all in all, there was plenty of downtime  and a good amount of reading therein. Here’s what’s caught my eye since last we spoke:

Good for my home state

Two words: slippery slope

It’s about time.

Americans and the stress in their (our) lives

Conflict and women’s reproductive health

NPR annotates the Civil Rights Act

“…the prevalence of past-year dating violence was nearly 1 of every 6 adolescents.” (FULL-TEXT)

Love that her research was deemed “life-changing”

A good social media list

As the mother of a girl child this speaks to me


Veterans want more IPV screening, resources

Dos and don’ts of combatting online sexism

We are living this

2 replies on “Since Last We Spoke 7-7-14”

The 17 things article was so critical for girls, but I am seriously disappointed that the author did not better research this statement:
Given that the entire notion of virginity is dubious at best, it’s not all that surprising that there is actually no medical way to tell if someone is a virgin or not. This includes a broken hymen. Hymens usually become worn down throughout adolescence, and can be torn by everything from jumping on a trampoline, to horseback riding, to simply playing sports. Some women aren’t born with one at all.

While the first part is true the second half is not and perpetuates some of the very myths this woman is suggesting we need to get rid.


Agreed–and she gets called on it in several comments following the article (there are more than 500 total, many of which are painful to read).

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