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Since Last We Spoke 7-21-14

We finally cleared the last of our houseguests yesterday (that’s 10 days of people in our tiny place for those of you tracking), so we’re back to status quo. I head down to the NAC for the Army this week, but aside from that it should be relatively mellow. I was busy playing tourist in my own city this weekend, but there was still plenty of time to catch up on the news of the day. Here’s what’s caught my eye since last we spoke:

Nobody’s surprised by this, right?

Trying to instill this in my (almost, as of next week) teen

We’ve seen too many

The economic case against the death penalty

Some of my colleagues would do well to adopt this Mead quote as a new mantra

There’s so much infuriating in this article

Yes, chokeholds are a problem

I feel like I’ve posted dozens of articles on this topic (with the same basic headline)

Tragic in so many ways

Can we really claim it’s invisible? Or is the problem that people aren’t looking (or at least asking)

Further challenges with EMR

Sexual harassment and violence in the field

Helpers also in harms’ way

Not everyone is a scientist (or physician) and it shows

Trafficking gets embroiled in politics