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Since Last We Spoke 10-13-14

I’m heading home from CLE today after a long weekend with my daughter and parents, so I spent way more time playing than being online. All in all, a really welcome reprieve from what will be a fairly hectic couple of weeks–prepping for and attending the IAFN conference, and then immediately heading to Europe for a military trial. Still there was plenty of news to catch my eye, so here’s what I’ve been checking out since last we spoke:

Make your apologies better

So this article contains both, “Police would not comment on whether the woman had fabricated the story” AND “‘The old days of people not being believed are gone…” (Also, the title!)

Race and campus rape

Such a frustrating read

Love this project

A lot has been written on this (some of it infuriating).

And in that vein

The criminalization of health and social issues

Teens who sext

I’m adopting this practice

Who you should follow on Twitter for Ebola coverage

Concerning that this case got so little press

Clearly not “just a little hazing

More Storytelling 101