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Since Last We Spoke 11-10-14

A good Monday morning to you all–I trust you had a fine weekend? This was really the 1st actual weekend Sasha and I had together in quite sometime, uninterrupted by travel or Reserve duty. We really got a chance to enjoy ourselves, too: spent a little time getting fancy and heading into the District for SANE In the City, the DC SANE program’s fundraiser (they’re finally building their own exam room). Congrats on a successful event!

I’m actually home this week, but gearing up for our next IPV course in Phoenix on the 17th (hope to see many of you there, since we have a pretty big group registered); that’s where most of my efforts will be spent over the next several days. But before I get too immersed in all of that, here’s what’s caught my eye since last we spoke:

Always on this topic

And apropos of that…”There’s no real place I’m going, but by God, I’m making great time getting there.”

Are you a Tinder user?

A pretty eye-opening list

This is incredibly frustrating to me

Thanks, Kim Day for a head’s up on this great post


It is all men

This is a great hashtag

Front page of the Washington Post this morning

Twitter and its harassment problem (continued)

Women in power and IPV

When the victim is a boy

I thought this was pretty cool

Solid writing advice

How he got away with it

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day–we thought about heading down for this, but I think the crowds will make it daunting